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Lectures for Conventions, Dental Societies, and Study Groups

Each of these lectures can be presented as an overview or as in-depth continuing education. Each is available in a 90 minute, ½ day, or full day program.

“The Future of Private Dental Practice”

In recent years U.S. News and World Report has ranked “dentist” as one of the top 2 jobs in America and the best healthcare job in 2018. In spite of this, dentists often feel stressed about their work, financial prospects, and the future of their profession. This lecture grounds participants in factual information about the marketplace and helps guide them toward the choice of effective strategies.

A Summary of Current Trends in the Dental Marketplace

Expenditures on dental services rose steadily in real terms from 1990, but have flattened off since the Great Recession in 2008.

DSO’s (sometimes called “corporate practices”) have increased their overall market share in recent years. This shift has caused some segmentation in the dental workforce, decreased succession of practices, increased price competition for dental services, and decreased referrals to specialists.

Since 2000 the percentage of adults with private (usually employer-based) dental benefits has held fairly steady. The percentage of those uninsured has decreased due to an increase in public funding for dental care. Many dentists report, however, that remuneration via contracted dental benefit plans has diminished on a fee-for-service basis.

Dentists’ average earnings in real terms reached the highest level in 2005 for general practitioners and 2007 for specialists. Earnings for both groups have diminished since. For GP’s, average earnings have dropped approximately 15% since 2007.

The charges that dentists submit to dental benefit plans have, on average held steady nationally. The payment rates from dental plans have decreased on average nationally.

Changing science along with market pressures have created a trend toward the integration of the dentistry and medicine. Professionals are more mindful of the oral-systemic link. Medical insurance companies are testing the value of dental care and looking at different delivery models that they will support.

Strategies for the Future

•  Assess patient demand for different treatment modalities
•  Business efficiency is paramount
•  Marketing plans need to be budgeted and implemented effectively
•  Each practice owner must evaluate their relationship with contracted dental benefits

"Dental Benefits, What’s Going on Out There?”

This lecture is designed to guide participants through the maze of variables that exist in today’s dental benefits marketplace, and help create a context for strategic planning.

Dental insurance has evolved through a number of historical phases. Each altered private practice dentistry from a business perspective.

The variety of types of dental benefits has increased. Each type has it’s commensurate system of remuneration. Different business strategies are more or less effective with different types of plans. This is often complicated when multiple types exist in the same practice.

Even though the percentage of the population with dental benefits has increased, the average payment per procedure to dentists has decreased. Dentists must make a strategic decision with each plan: to be a contracted provider or not.

“Quality and Efficiency, Your Hygiene Department”

Dentists’ and Dental Hygienists’ scientific knowledge and understanding of periodontal disease and the oral-systemic link has fundamentally changed the modern dental hygiene department. Practices, however, are often challenged to offer their best to patients within the context of today’s dental benefits systems.

This program begins with a presentation on modern scientific paradigms and how they differ from previous ideas. Organizational tools are then presented so each practice can gain clinical alignment among dentists and hygienists. The program concludes with patient communication and dental insurance billing strategies.

“Effective Case Presentation, Getting Patients to Yes”

New technology and treatment techniques have allowed dentists to create an ever greater array of treatment options. Our ability to improve health, function, and appearance is at unprecedented levels.

Dental Benefits, however, have decreased in quality and are paying smaller percentages of treatment. This program teaches an effective and time-tested methodology for creating value for recommended treatment to facilitate more patients saying “yes”.
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