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five star review for Michael Perry DDS
"Michael is a class-act professional who coached me and my team through a highly successful transition to an insurance-independent model of practice. He helped us analyze our practice's fitness to withstand the transition, worked with us to create a step-by-step plan to communicate the change to patients in a way that maximized patient retention, and walked us through the process and timing of canceling our provider contract. What I really appreciate is that Michael is not just a dental consultant, he's a dentist who has lived what he teaches."
Dr. Natasha Lee, San Francisco, CA

five star review for Michael Perry DDS
"Thank so much for coming through and helping us continue the instruction even through we are "locked down" for COVID-19. This is all right on our wheel house, to provide the proper treatment for each patient and charge a fair fee for both the office and the patient. We have the communication skills to educate but you gave us a platform to start from. Over used term but "We couldn’t have done it without you.""
Dr. Howard Shempp, Davis, CA

five star review for Michael Perry DDS
"Working with Michael has been a pleasure, he is responsive and accessible. I really appreciate that he had a long career as a General Dentist because he comes to consulting with a practitioner’s perspective. Michael understands what it is like to be the owner of a practice, his years leading a team give him a valuable perspective. Michael truly cares about what I want from my career and makes that the core of his advising."
Dr. James Stephens, Palo Alto, CA

five star review for Michael Perry DDS
"Dr. Perry understands all aspects of the business of dentistry as well as the clinical challenges we all face. He helped us seamlessly move to insurance independence, implement an amazing marketing program utilizing social media, fine tune our systems and policies and continually grow our practice."
Dr. Paul Johnson, Davis, CA

five star review for Michael Perry DDS
"Dr. Perry and his team were an integral part in the growth and expansion of my practice. My practice had plateaued and it needed a boost to start expanding again. Dr. Perry provided the knowledge and expertise and got my practice back on the right track!"
Dr. Jonathan Ford, Huntington Beach, CA

five star review for Michael Perry DDS
"Dr. Perry has provided wisdom and perspective to my practice, guiding positive change in my business. He is knowledgeable of the current realities of dental practice and works closely with me to develop strategies for appropriate growth and change. He has contributed systems for organizing and delivering care that allows me to better serve my patients and bring joy to the daily work of being a dentist."
Dr. Kevin Coolidge, Sunnyvale, CA
Michael Perry DDS

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